Favorite Tech Blogs

The blogs below are some of my favorites to read to follow the tech industry.

I like reading about things I find interesting. For me, that’s AI/ML, law/privacy, and the business aspect of tech, with a particular focus on leadership. I prefer less frequent but in-depth posts, so the selections below skew toward that style of posting.

I’m old-school so still use an RSS Reader (Reeder via Feedly); longer articles go to Instapaper for a batch weekend read. There are a few email newsletters in the list below, but thankfully almost all of them also have RSS feeds.

The blogs below are clustered by approximate category:

Business of Tech

Startups & Growth

General Tech


Tech & Marketing

Leadership in Tech

ML/AI & Robotics


Ad Tech

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention Techmeme as another excellent source of articles that follow the tech industry. Many of the blogs above I first discovered via Techmeme.

I’m always looking for more excellent blogs to read, so if you have favorite you think I’d enjoy, please email me at [email protected].